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How we Started

Friends talk

A skatepark in Avon has been on our minds since 2019. After the pandemic, when outdoor spaces were overcrowded with young people looking for a place to meet up outdoors, we embraced the moment. The time is now. We need a skatepark in Avon because our community is asking for it. We put our dream into action and created the Avon Skate Coalition to build a skatepark as kick ass as our community.

OUr Mindset

express your creativity

Skateparks are community gathering places that build skills. Engaging outdoor environments encourage creativity that combats digital media distractions. Skating is a cost-effective activity that is inclusive to diversity by virtue of the ingenuity inherent in the sport. Skaters are dedicated to the trick. No mater how long it takes, the ability to learn a new trick, is a mental and physical accomplishment that is hard to match. Having a safe, progressive park that encourages learning and connection is our goal and the Avon Skate Coalition approach encourages civic responsibility with community involvement.